Smart Furniture

Product Information

How does it work?
Furniture  is a unique patent-pending system for your home, office, or store that allows you to design your own furniture (from wall units and entertainment centers, to custom shelving for retail, trade, & store merchandise displays).  All   components fit securely together without tools, screws, or hinges (see components list).  For added versatility, you may order components with end-holes which allow you to stack and connect assembled units (vertically or horizontally) to your heart’s content.

Why should I be interested?
     Using a patent pending design, components are interchangeable allowing an attractive, flexible solution for homeowners, small offices, and businesses interested in retail & merchandise displays and trade show displays.  This means you can build a system as big or small, as simple or elaborate, as you’d like (with no tools).Items are stackable, as well as easily connected side-by-side to create a continuous scalable system horizontally and vertically.  The pictures shown throughout this website are by no means comprehensive — you can use the pieces like Legos or Building Blocks to create literally hundreds of different designs, many of them portable because they can be disassembled and reassembled easier than most.

You’ve tried furniture that… Now try furniture that… Furniture is…
…is hard to put together and can’t be taken apart when you move. …can be assembled (and normally disassembled) in literally a few minutes. – Simple, versatile, attractive –
– Ideal for Home, Office, or Store settings –
– Clean linear Style and elegant maple finish –
– No nails, screws, hinges, glue or tools necessary-
– Interchangeable components allow custom designs –
– High-quality, scratch & stain-resistant melamine
– Easy and fast to assemble (& disassemble) –
-Compatible with all SmartFurniture® –
– All-American made –
– Patent pending –
…comes with too many little pieces, all of which require you to have the right tool. …requires no nails, screws, hinges, glue, or tools.
…doesn’t change with your housing and lifestyle needs. …allows you to design and stack your own custom pieces.
…may be functional but doesn’t fit your tastes. …features shelves, organizers, and end tables that attractively accentuate every room of your home or office.
…may be nice-looking but lacks quality. …couples a high quality finish with elegant simplicity.
… is backordered, never arrives, etc… ships to your door within 7 business days!
How do I “Design My Own”?
When choosing a design for your home, you can buy pre-packaged sets from the Furniture Gallery, or create a your own Custom Design with the help of a south florida estate management company:A) Straight from the Gallery:  For your convenience, we have prepackaged our most popular pieces, which you can visit in our furniture gallery.
B) Design Your Own:  You can create your own design with individual components.  For some inspiration, visit our interactive galleries, where you’ll see some samples of customized pieces.  Remember, just like building blocks, you aren’t limited to any size or boundaries!  To order, just let ti storage know how many of each component you’d like on the order form.

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