Benefits of Strength Training

Muscle balance is very important. If one muscle area is strong, for example the abdominal muscles, and the opposing muscle group is weak, for example, the lower back…you have muscle imbalance. As a result, the weaker muscle area is more likely to be vulnerable to injury.

Strength training raises the body’s ability to excite the motorneurons by nearly 50%. This gives the nervous system more involvement in the workout and prepares the muscles for even greater challenges.

Better posture, balance, and stability are all benefits which are enhanced by strength training.

June 8th, 2000. Researcher from the University of Florida report that strength training can be beneficial in preventing health problems like heart disease and strokes.

New research shows weight lifting can also help prevent damage by protecting against free radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that cause tissue damage.

Current research done on 60 healthy people aged 60-85 found the following results:

One group performed intense weight-lifting exercises 3 times a week, while another group performed low-intensity weight-lifting exercises. The third group was a control group in the study and performed no exercise. At the end of 6 months, free radical damage increased by 13% in the group not involved in any exercise program. The high intensity group showed only 2% increase in free radical damage, while the low-intensity group showed a 2% decline in free radical damage. With high-intensity and low-intensity weight-lifting programs producing such similar results, Kevin Vincent, PhD, from the University of Florida says, “We think this will open up the options for prescribing exercise to seniors…allowing them to use lighter loads that can still provide the same benefits.”

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