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It’s Moving Day!

Moving Day! Strip your beds. high endresidential movers in new york – will they disassemble? Show movers around. Make sure your possessions to be moved are inventoried with them. Write “subject to further inspection for concealed loss or damage” on contract when you sign to protect yourself should you find damage while unpacking. Get all keys […]

On The Road

As of February 1, 2001, 400 lucky team captains had eagerly registered their team for the 2001 Portland To Coast Walk Relay. This unique walking opportunity is a journey from Portland, Oregon’s East Delta Park, by the University of Portland, over the Saint John’s Bridge and onto Hiway 30 where it joins the running event, […]

Weight Loss After Gastric Bypass Surgery

The gastric bypass operation is designed to limit the amount of food you eat. This is done by stapling and dividing the stomach (A) (stomach stapling). The “new stomach”, also called the pouch, is only about 5-10% the size of the “old stomach” and holds less food. The pouch (B) is about the size of […]

Avoiding Hosting Scams

Recently, one of my friends found a web host that provided fantastic facilities, including unlimited data storage and unlimited data transfer, for only $1 per month. Pop quiz: What are three of the surest signs that a hosting company or an Orlando SEO company is a scam? If you don’t know the answer to that question, […]

Benefits of Strength Training

Muscle balance is very important. If one muscle area is strong, for example the abdominal muscles, and the opposing muscle group is weak, for example, the lower back…you have muscle imbalance. As a result, the weaker muscle area is more likely to be vulnerable to injury. Strength training raises the body’s ability to excite the […]

Smart Furniture

Product Information How does it work? Furniture  is a unique patent-pending system for your home, office, or store that allows you to design your own furniture (from wall units and entertainment centers, to custom shelving for retail, trade, & store merchandise displays).  All   components fit securely together without tools, screws, or hinges (see components list).  For added versatility, you may order components […]